human health

Care for people

Our human health practice is specifically designed to serve the Egyptian markets with first- line medicines,healthcare products and services that meet the requirements of the socio- economic environment .

Sharing insights and experience on-line

Contemporary healthcare thrives on increasingly complex treatment technologies and self-educating patients turn to the internet as a first source of healthcare intelligence. Kirovest’s website and social media outlets facilitate both professionals andconsumers by bringing relevant information and expert guidance to them.

Prevention is better than treatment

We develop, license in and bring our products to market with passion for quality and relevance to our customers and their patients. Our drive to deliver results reflects in listening to their needs and committing solutions together with them. While protecting people’s health is still a lot about healing, we continue our efforts to work on prevention as an equally important objective.

Focused portfolio

Our portfolio mainly comprises treatment solutions for most health conditions. Our customers appreciate Kirovest’s exceptional strength in production and distribution of proprietary and licensed pharmaceuticals, the mix of which provides us with a strong offering.
As witnessed by the therapeutic classes we cover, our portfolio mainly comprises treatment solutions for all doctors specialties :dermatological, gastro-intestinal, neurological , respiratory, internal ,orthopedic , pediatrics…etc
While we continue to commit to our portfolio, we are increasingly focusing more efforts and resources to the production and distribution of all brand generics.